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Commercials voice over

For radio, Spotify, TV, Social Media

The voice over in advertisements has not only one style, it has many styles. It depends on the target, the campaign, the message and the media where it is going to be broadcasted.

So the voice over talent has to be able to apply the style you need.

Here you can watch some works I have done.

Reel Commercials

Reel Corporate

Reel eLearning

Reel IVR

Corporate voice over

For your customers or employees

The style in corporate videos is usually different than the commercial voice over. It has not the punch that an advertisement require and is more relaxed and sober.

Take a look at some of my projects.

e-Learning and audiobooks

For teaching online and enjoy a book

To record and audiobook is not to read in a loud voice (you are here because you know it already). The voice actor has to keep the listener submerged into the history.

A boring e-learning doesn´t work at all. The voice talent has to be dinamic while explaining the online course.

Dubbing actor

Yep, I am an actor too

We have in Spain a cultural and historic tradition dubbing movies an tv shows into spanish and first of all, we, voice talents, are actors.

Movies, TV shows and videogames, of course.

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